Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and Auditing

If you are independent, responsible and able to defend your point of view, you always want to be with work and money, then for this there is one of the most interesting and sought-after professions - accounting and auditing.
  • Languages

    Russian, Kazakh

  • How much to study?

    On the basis of CO - 4 years; On the basis of SPO (college) - 3 years; On the basis of higher education - 2 years.

  • Academic degree

    Bachelor of Economics and Business

  • More

    Bachelor of Accounting is a launching pad for developing your knowledge and skills in reporting, analyzing and managing financial resources in business and government structures. In addition to meeting the requirements of Kazakhstan education standards, the degree gives you the flexibility to study in related disciplines of interest, including finance, business information systems, management, marketing, international business and corporate sustainability.

    You will be able to critically analyze emerging accounting issues and be inspired by professional and academic accounting research that will allow you to understand the problems underlying the accounting reports, thus contributing to your academic and professional competence. Getting these academic and professional attributes will improve your career opportunities or continue advanced accounting research.

    Upon successful completion of all courses, students will be able to:

    • Integrate theoretical and technical knowledge of accounting in a business context.
    • Manage judgment under supervision to provide possible solutions to routine accounting problems.
    • Critically apply knowledge and theoretical accounting skills to ensure the credibility of reports provided.
    • Justify and communicate accounting advice and recommendations for both specialists and non-specialists.
    • To work as an accountant, chief accountant, financial director in organizations, in the financial and banking system, in large business and in the field of small business, in national and foreign companies.
    •   Work in an audit, tax or consulting department in audit companies;

The purpose of the educational program is to prepare highly educated, competitive, competent professional personnel in the field of accounting and auditing who can become leaders in the chosen field of professional activity and be in demand in the labor market.

What else should I know?:



Knows the organization of accounting and tax accounting, auditing;

Conducts an analysis of the financial activities of the organization.

Owns application programs (1C, SAP, Oracle) IFRS;

Keeps records of material values;

Able to make financial statements;

Able to keep records;



This is a specialist who verifies the financial and tax reporting of companies, assesses the financial efficiency of its work and gives management guidance and advice on correcting the errors found.



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