The economist's profession allows each graduate how to work in the field of finance and economic activity, and to engage in scientific research in this interesting and promising field.
  • How much to study?

    Duration of study: 4 years on the basis of secondary education, 3 years on the basis of technical and vocational education, 2 years on the basis of higher education.

  • Academic degree

    Bachelor of Economics and Business

  • Mission of the educational program

    The mission of the Educational Program is to achieve high quality of educational services in the field of higher education, leadership in the national space of personnel training in the educational program 6B04101 "Economics" through the implementation of the principles of the Bologna Process and modern quality standards

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    An economy is more than just markets, models and capital. This study of people, how we make decisions, how we organize our societies, and how we can predict human behavior. If you are interested in understanding the power, opportunities and society - read on.

    The Bachelor of Economics is a four-year program that will teach you to question, analyze, model and predict behavior. The economy is central to the decision-making process in business, markets, trade, government, health, and several other areas.

    Choose to study one or two specialties. The main directions cover topics of economic theory, applied economics and econometrics. Graduates of undergraduate economics work in the private, public and non-profit sectors.



    Our graduates worked in the following areas: in financial institutions, exchange firms and trading banks; in international organizations, including the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank in governments providing political advice and expertise on economic development and infrastructure projects; in multinational corporations and local firms; in government departments and government agencies, including marketing and advertising organizations, as well as in trade unions.

    Other graduates prefer to advance their research ambitions, where they develop their research skills and make a significant contribution to knowledge. In own business; Analysts in ministries and akimats, social security agencies; Economists at enterprises, companies, national holdings; Independent experts in export-import operations, as well as in the banking / financial sector.

    The specialty "Economics" is one of the most popular modern economic specialties. It should be noted that this profession combines several interesting disciplines, such as mathematics, economics, international economics, information and communication technologies, entrepreneurship, etc.

What else should I know?:

Here is another interesting: Graduates of the bachelor degree in economics: Engaged in the financial affairs of companies and corporations; They are able to plan resources, analyze and draw conclusions, and invest in projects; They know how to achieve the best results at the lowest cost; Participate in foreign trade activities; It analyzes, evaluates, interprets the results obtained and substantiates the conclusions;

Participate in the creation of scientific, methodological and organizational-technological base, develop together with other experts and apply the most effective methods, rules and processes of planning, investment, innovation and environmental management, conducting foreign economic activities of organizations and enterprises; Perform a comprehensive analysis and control of proper compliance with management technology; Design and write a feasibility study of projects.


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