International law

International law

International law studies relations between different nations and States. This branch concerns legal relations between peoples, companies and/or Governments, guaranteeing their proper rights. What do bachelors of this specialty do?
  • Languages

    Russian, Kazakh

  • How much to study?

    On the basis of CO (after school) – 4 years; On the basis of SPO (after college) – 3 years; On the basis of higher education (with a bachelor's degree) – 2 years.

  • Academic degree

    Bachelor of Law in the educational program "6B04202 – International Law"

  • Mission of the educational program

    The aim of the course is to prepare graduates capable of performing extremely diverse professional tasks in the international context of work: from business work in legal departments, large multinational organizations to an institutional career at the international level; from working as qualified legal consultants in companies/banks and services, to the world of NGOs and the third sector of the economy.

  • More

    The Bachelor's degree program "International Law" forms the most important competencies of the student, as well as professional skills in the field of international relations, legal regulation of interstate relations.

    The knowledge and skills acquired through this program will enable graduates to become effective lawyers in the public and private sectors: government agencies, international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, private companies, law and consulting firms.

    Students acquire the skills of public speaking, drawing up normative, scientific and practical expert opinions on international law, making legal decisions and performing other legal actions in strict accordance with the law, global and regional cultural, historical and theoretical development.

    Students have a unique opportunity to form individual educational trajectories, which include a number of elective disciplines


    • Employment

    Graduates can also perform the following types of professional activities:

    - Expert lawyer;

    - Legal Adviser;

    - Future government positions;

    - Work in departments dealing with issues such as international relations and legal reconciliation;

    - Law enforcement and national security activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

    - Specialist in the apparatus of local government;

    - International lawyer;

    - Private law firms,

    - Intergovernmental organizations that are engaged in international business transactions;

    - International and non-profit organizations.

    - Diplomat, consul and others.


    Legal practice and legal institutions are inevitably multinational, as the world has become more global and countries are more interconnected. Legal norms that previously affected domestic issues are now often subject to the laws of numerous jurisdictions, so an understanding of international law is becoming more and more necessary.

    This specialization will provide students with the skills necessary to recognize, understand and manage problems arising in the international legal order in such industries as:

    - International trade;

    - Investments;
    - Business;
    - Environmental problems;

    - Protection of human rights.

    The program will teach you how to draw up normative, scientific and practical expert opinions on international law, make legal decisions and perform other legal actions in strict accordance with the law, independently study and make a critical analysis of scientific literature. Work with the definitions of contract law and correctly use legal terminology, understanding the structure of commercial and other contracts, be competent in the processes of socio-political development of the state, trends in the development of international and national legislation and knowledge of the basic theory and concepts of the development of modern international legal science.





This course undoubtedly provides the necessary knowledge and skills necessary for the graduate to work in a fragmented, complex and innovative legal context, without giving up the opportunity for interdisciplinary perspectives.

What else should I know?:

In fact, during the first year, students will gain basic legal knowledge in all scientific disciplinary sectors, which lay the foundations of modern legal knowledge presented in an innovative global perspective.

During the second year, students will strive for a deeper knowledge of the international (European and global) profiles of today's legal phenomena, and will also provide an accurate knowledge of the operations, areas of action and activities of the main international institutions.

Finally, during the third and fourth years, the course delves into the side of legal practice and decision-making mechanisms of European and international jurisdictional bodies. The student can then devote himself, with greater awareness and in accordance with his own interests, to deepening some aspects of the multifaceted and complex global legal phenomenon in the field of international law.

This degree is aimed at all those who aspire to a career of employees of OIG, NGOs and third sector organizations; the graduate will also be ready to perform legal consulting services for companies, banks and service companies, as well as work in the legal departments of large multinational organizations, in public administrations and work as an analyst in research institutes and analytical centers.



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