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    Russian, Kazakh

  • How much to study?

    On the basis of SO - 4 years; On the basis of secondary vocational education (college) - 3 years; On the basis of higher education - 2 years.

  • Academic degree

    Bachelor of Tourism

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    Tourism is one of the modern engines of the global economy, providing employment and well-being for our entire society. For this reason, it is vital to maintain a high level of quality in the tourism sector, supported by university education, to provide knowledge - the basis for innovation and growth - and qualified people to help maintain and improve levels of competitiveness in the sector.

    Government bodies related to the organization of tourism (ministries, akimats, their regional divisions and structures);

    Public and private companies involved in the tourism business;

    Consulting companies of a tourist profile;

    Marketing services of tourist enterprises;

    Tourism infrastructure facilities;

    Educational institutions that train mid-level specialists in tourism;

    Research organizations involved in studying the problems of tourism development;

    Advertising agencies engaged in the promotion of tourist services in the domestic and foreign markets;

    Organizations of the system of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;

    Other organizations and companies whose activities are related to socio-cultural areas.

    From the very beginning, TAU University (Turan-Astana University) has been working to achieve the highest degree of adaptability and convenience for student mobility. Given its multidisciplinary nature and numerous opportunities for professional development, the bachelor's degree provides a curriculum that allows the use of different levels of knowledge in the field of tourism.

    The sphere of professional activity of a bachelor in the specialty "Tourism" is the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as science, education, government regulation and other areas of human activity related to tourism. Students of the specialty "Tourism" master modern technologies and methods of meeting human needs in the tourism and socio-cultural spheres.


Main disciplines

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What else should I know?:

The professional activity of the bachelor of tourism is aimed at improving the process of managing tourism enterprises and organizations in the context of the formation of the tourism industry in Kazakhstan, studying the tourism opportunities of our country and the foreign market of tourism services in order to optimize the system of current and long-term planning, introducing modern methods of tourism services and information technologies, increasing the quality of the tourist product, the training of middle-level personnel for tourism enterprises.

Where and with whom can you work after graduating from our bachelor's degree?

Here are the answers:


Museum, theme parks, nature parks, golf courses, sailing clubs, resorts, tourist attractions, ski and hill stations, entertainment and commercial centers:

Account Manager - Marketing Director - Incentives Manager - Product Manager - Team Leader - Wine Manager - Cultural Tourism Manager - Travel Promoter


Companies responsible for organizing conferences and conventions:

Professional Incentive Conference, Event & Meeting Organizer - Project Manager - MICE Planner - DMC Expert - Head of Sales


Travel companies, travel websites, tour operators, online booking centers:

Consultant - Project Manager - Account Manager - Office Operator


Companies related to transport (air, sea, rail, road). Companies providing services for logistics, managing the port, airport or other managing organizations of interacting stations.

Tourism Mobility Expert - Commercial Director - GDS Responsible - Responsible for Crew Management - TCP (crew)


Consulting firms specializing in tourism, training centers.

Tourism Consultant - Lecturer - Corporate Trainer - Research Fellow - Head of Audit

Admission  2022

Catalog of elective disciplines "Tourism"

Modular educational program "Tourism"

Passport of the educational program "Tourism"

Admission  2023

Catalog of elective disciplines "Tourism"

Modular educational program "Tourism"

Passport of the educational program "Tourism"

Development plan of educational programs for 2022-2025

Development plan of educational programs for 2022-2025 "Tourism"


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