Kazakh Philology

Kazakh Philology

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  • How much to study?

    4 years

  • Academic degree

    Bachelor of Philology

  • Mission of the educational program

    The program aims to prepare highly qualified specialists with a strong foundation in philological education, cultural values, a scientific and cognitive approach, the ability to creatively address issues in the development of philology, and diverse professional competencies to meet contemporary demands. Graduates can work in academic and humanitarian educational institutions, print publications, and media.

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    A philologist can work in various fields and engage in diverse activities related to the study and analysis of languages, literature, and culture. Here are some possible career paths for a philologist:
    - Teacher: Teaching language and literature-related subjects in schools, colleges, and universities.
    - Linguist: Specializing in linguistics and researching language structure, history, and development.
    - Literary Critic: Analyzing and evaluating literary works, publishing reviews and articles.
    - Editor and Proofreader: Working in publishing houses and editorial offices, editing and proofreading texts for accuracy and structure.
    - Translator: Translating texts from one language to another, working as a freelancer or in translation agencies.
    - Researcher: Conducting academic research in linguistics, literature, and culture, publishing results in scholarly journals.
    - Journalist: Working in journalism, writing news, articles, and reports.
    - Copywriter: Creating texts for advertising campaigns, websites, and marketing materials.
    - Archivist and Librarian: Organizing and managing library and archive collections.
    - Cultural Analyst: Studying and analyzing cultural aspects of different societies and eras, working in history and art museums and galleries.

    From the very beginning, "Turan-Astana University" aims to create an environment that promotes high adaptability and convenience for student mobility. Given the multifaceted nature and numerous opportunities for professional growth, the bachelor's program provides an educational direction that allows the use of diverse levels of knowledge in the field of philology.

    A Bachelor's degree in "Philology" opens up various professional opportunities related to the study and analysis of languages, literature, and culture.


What else should I know?:

The professional activity of a Bachelor in the "Philology" educational program is aimed at studying and analyzing linguistic and literary aspects to expand knowledge in the field of humanities. A philology bachelor conducts research and analysis of linguistic and literary phenomena and engages with cultural and literary heritage. The main goal of the program is to develop students' analytical, critical, and communicative skills, as well as prepare them for highly qualified professional tasks in the field of humanities and education.


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